Believe it or not, moving is a complete hassle. If you don’t get much help and you’re organizing habits is totally out of the window, you’ll look haggard in no time at all. With lots of things that needed get done in so little time, you won’t only end up sacrificing your social life but your much needed beauty rest, too. For sure, you don’t want to look like a zombie when you move in to your new neighborhood.

It seems that there is an endless list of things that needed to be taken care of when you move: from packing your personal belongings to notifying your friends, settling your bills, getting your medical/dental records and throwing out a yard sale, it somehow becomes rather ambitious of you to think you can snag some sleep at all. Despite these moving challenges not to mention the daily things that you need to accomplish to keep food appearing in your table, there are some few techniques you can put into action to help you manage through this difficult time. Here some things you can do to get yourself ready for the big move without losing a drop of beauty sleep.

The first step is to write down everything that you needed done. In a piece of paper, create a list of all the tasks that are essential for your move. Include activities such as cancelling or transferring memberships, returning borrowed items, settling accounts or bills, gathering packing supplies, putting items in boxes and many more.

Once you have listed all these things, it’s time to break these down into priority. You might find some tasks should be done earlier while others can be put on a much later date. It is recommended that you put your priority lists in note cards so you can pick up the card according to urgency and put some order into your move. This method works wonders because accomplishing major things on schedule will allow you to have more time for yourself to get enough rest every single day.

To keep your moving tasks in sane order, it is recommended that you get them written in a large wall calendar. Doing so will allow you to see your one- or two-month-long plan at a glance. See to it that you are working on a realistic time table. If a family birthday or a friend’s wedding is coming up, make sure to include this in your calendar, too. Know what you can fully accomplish in a specific period of time. It can be rather preposterous for you to assume you can pack everything you have in your large bedroom in half a day when it’ll take you 3 hours to pack a bag for a two-night weekend trip. Be honest with yourself as to how fast or how slow you can get things done.

Now that you’ve created a good timetable for your move, work yourself daily into your smaller deadlines. Breaking down your multi-task move into small steps will allow you to accomplish more every single day. Contact your Austin Moving Company or round rock movers to facilitate and help you with the move. Remember, big results can come from baby steps. With everything in order, you can sleep soundly each night until the day of your big move.