Many people are interested in ghost hunts. In Austin, there are plenty of business establishments which have been known to be inhabited by ghosts. Some think that a restaurant or a hotel that’s haunted is a big turn-off to customers. Well, this is not always the case. In fact, more and more people are flocking to places like these where paranormal activities have been reported. Interestingly enough, the haunting events are what attract them in. If you are interested in ghost hunts and intrigued by paranormal experiences, below are some business places which you can visit in Austin.

There are two famous lodging places where ghost sightings have been reported. These are the Driskill Hotel and the Inn at Pearl Street. The Driskill Hotel is reported to be haunted by the ghost of its original owner, Col. Jesse Driskill. There were also sightings of a young girl, who died in the hotel, playing an orb of white light in the staircase. The Inn at Pearl Street, on the other hand, was a venue of strange occurrences when it was being renovated. Despite the lack of electricity to the place when it was remodeled, lights would continually flicker on/off inside the building.

When it comes to Austin restaurants and pubs, you can dine or wine and have a share of spookiness in places like the Clay Pit, The Fado Irish Club and the Mugshots. The Clay Pit is an Indian restaurant and employees reported hearing party sounds on the second floor but when investigated, the upper floor was totally empty. In the Fado Irish Pub, patrons have claimed to see flying glassware and utensils. There were furniture items being moved and flickering lights, too. Finally, there’s the Mugshots pub wherein classical music can be heard by the owner played over and over with no one else beside him present in the room. There were apparitions of a woman in blue dress also who could possibly be Fanny Davis – the lady who ran the boarding house there in 1886.