We all know that Austin, Texas is home to many film festivals. But if there’s one festival that is worth mentioning in this city, it is the Fantastic Fest. This is so because it is a celebration that focuses only on genre films.

Genre films are films that feature horror, science fiction, action, fantasy, cult and Asian. Commonly in film festivals, the emphasis is placed on the drama category. Because of this predominant concept, hardcore filmmakers and cinephiles are at a loss where they should go.

Fortunately, the Fantastic Fest was founded in 2005 by Tim League, the owner of the Alamo Drafthouse. The festival takes place at the theater of the Alamo Drafthouse usually in the month of September. It lasts for eight days and conducts three screens for each day. The screening is attended by many directors, film writers and actors. Participants can be amateurs or they may be well-known figures in the film industry.

The festival is a great venue for fantastic films to be viewed. Commonly, genre films are rejected by distributors because they deemed them lacking of selling factor. Fantastic films usually don’t make it to mass distribution as not many people are very keen on watching zombies, killers, aliens and other violent human portrayals.

The Fantastic Fest is celebrated much like any other film festival. Apart from the film screenings, there are also many themed parties that are thrown. This festival may only be young yet it has received many favorable remarks and acknowledges from respected media people and celebrities.