When people are relocating to the city of Austin, Texas, one of their main concerns is to find a regular and stable employment. Fortunately, Austin has a thriving economy. A big indicator of this was the city being awarded by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as the number one American City for Job Growth in June 2009. The city continues to perform greatly up to the present. So, anyone who comes to live and stay in this area can rest easy as there are plenty of big corporations that serve as primary employers in the city of Austin.

Because Austin is the political seat of Texas State, the top government agencies are also placed in here. People can find employment in various agencies such as the Texas Department of Transportation, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Water Development Board to name a few. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service also operates a processing center here and there’s also the U.S. Government Postal Service which anyone can apply to.

If you have technical and computer skills, you can definitely gain a job that befits your credentials by exploring the Silicon Hills area in Austin. Top computer and tech companies such as Dell, IBM Corporation, Freescale Semiconductor, Applied Materials and AMD have made a niche into this zone.

The education and healthcare industry is also big in the city of Austin. You can find work in the University of Texas and Austin Independent School District and become a part of the teaching workforce or the academe. If you have a medical or health-related course, you can seek employment in the Seton Healthcare Network, in the St. David’s Healthcare and the Brackenridge Hospital.